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2 min readOct 21, 2021


Hey guys!
We want to bring you more details pertaining to the mentioned blueprints.

This topic is of course only related specifically to the Crypto Space War SHIPS and not to all NFTs!

Ship NFTs will not be used as in other games, where it’s like you’re actually purchasing the ships.

What is the difference in the Crypto Space War ship NFTs?
We will use the ship NFTs as blueprints for our space stations!

Let me explain it a little bit further.

First of all, when you obtain the Ship NFT you will be able to insert it into the station and that’s when you will be able to craft the ship, with the exact attributes minted into it at conception.

Stations without inserted SHIP NFTs are not able to produce any ships!

We are also limiting the switching of NFTs for some period of time (locking period).
Once the locked period is over you are able to simply remove your NFT from the station and do with it whatever you want with it. (Trade, reinsert, etc)
Produced ships will stay in your station but of course, you will not be able to craft that ships without an NFT!

I obtained the Free Frigate #1, I will insert it into the station and now, if I have resources in the station then I am able to craft this ship until I have spent the stations resources.

We would like to have something unique for the Crypto Gaming Industry.
Please don’t forget to share your opinions!

Crypto Space War Team!



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