Free Frigate!


Whenever a new project is starting, first supporters can benefit the most from it. It is simply true in the world of Cryptocurrencies!

We decided to support our fresh-growing community!
The First 1000 members of Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram will get something special.
From today, we release BEP20 than allows us to create ships, stations, and in-game items.
We decided to give something back.

It is frigate with limited edition only around ~1000 of it will be minted and given back to the community.
Once we launch our Login & Dashboard on our website every member can claim it for FREE

We will announce more details about stats and this frigate details once the time comes.

PS. it is not a final product anyway it is already looking nice!



Crypto Space War

Free to Play & Play to Earn NFT blockchain game of exploration, territorial conquest, domination, and many more.